There is little doubt that the northeast of England continues to draw a growing number of visitors each year. We get the full range, from backpacking students, holidaying families, and business travelers in town for a conference. At Hotels In Middlesbrough, we hope to highlight the best on offer in this great city through the eyes of the city's hotels.

Hotels In Middlesbrough is an association of hotels and hoteliers representing the core of Middlesbrough's hospitality industry. This includes high end chains, such as Hilton Hotels, Marriott and Hyatt Regency, as well as budget end such as Travelodge and Holiday Inn. We are an entirely independently run organisation based in the city with the intention of providing unbiased advice to visitors on the best places to stay.

All the information on the website is provided for information purposes only and we take no responsibility for your experience with any particular hotel. If you need to discuss any issues arising from your use of any hotel in Middlesbrough, please contact us via the contact form. I would love to talk to you.