Beds: Which hotels get it right?

It's time to talk about the most important thing that we should all be looking for in our hotels, but few of us do. Beds. It's the single most important piece of furniture in a hotel room simply because, as nice as some hotels in Middlesbrough are, the only reason you'll be spending a lot of time in your room is to sleep. Middlesbrough offers a plethora of distractions for the tourist and a mountain of business opportunities for the entrepreneurs. 

Which is why there are some basics that you must always insist on in the bed department. This means not just thick memory foam mattresses, but an insurance that the mattresses are firm and comfortable. They should never be ore than five years old, especially for a hotel, as the number of guests using them and abusing them on an annual basis will likely lead to tears.

One Yorkshire retailer supplies many cheap mattresses to hotesl across the north, including Middlesbrough. Quiet Night Beds, isn't the only one, but one of may factory outlets in the northeast providing great bedroom furniture to hotels across the country.

But beyond mattresses, it is also important to make sure that your duvets, sheets and pillows are also of the highest quality. Now some advice - do go in for goose feater or duck feather pillows and duvets These are liable to come out and fly all over the bedroom. Synthetic fibres remain th best option and they are easy to wash. These should conform to the minimum safety standards, as set out by the OSHA.

Next, it's best if you have a high bed, far off the ground. This gives a feeling of comfort and safety, and harks to our evolutionary past in which, no doubt, our primate ancestors made home in the tries. But I digress.

All the other extras of your hotel room, such as the size of the wardrobe, the size of the flat screen, the speed of the internet, or whether it has a trouser press or not, will mean nothing if the bed isn't up to scratch. So make sure to arm yourself in knolwedge before you book aby hotel, whether it's for a short or long stay.

How to get your hotel noticed.

For visitors to Middlebrough, whether you're here on business or strictly for pleasure, make sure you get the best deal for your stay. Google, Travelocity, Expedia, and others offer a valuable service to getting your hotels in front of the public's attention. However, you will face fierce competition and there is always a right way and a wrong way to do things.

For instance, some sites, you'll have no control over the place of your hotel. A site like Trip Advisor, for example, aggregates real world reviews from actual guests. Whether there reviews are real or not, and Trip Advisor has no way of controlling this. However, some hotels do use nefarious tactics to spread false reviews on sites like these. 

A word of warning - the PR nightmare that could ensue if you write fake reviews is impossible to quantify. It could destroy your business. The simple answer is not to do it. These sites are buult on word of mouth, so make sure the experience you offer to geusts is first class and you won't go far wrong.

Middlesbrough - A Great Northern English City

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Make sure to check our blog posts and reviews to get more details on where the best place for you to stay in Middlesborough could be. You literally have thousands of options to choose from, all catering to different needs and budgets.

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